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Go Home a Like Turtle

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《Go Home a Like Turtle》章節試讀:

Misha has reached the age of majority to be selected. But he ”innocently ” has other plans before accepting the call of the Creator. And he just wants to: Play!

There was a family agreement and the rhythm of life programmed for Misha; it fell to Bierny as a father to take care of little Misha; to find out the change.

In a parallel multiverse, the moon darkened the night, it was the familiar universe of TDrive and Alieny.

Several months have passed since his daughter Sasry was lost. She just turned 15 years old.

In her family environment: she seems to see her going down the stairs, dressed in princess lace, velvety: among pearls, borders, lace, earrings and necklaces. With the face of an angel

Tdriv, inhaled with her the pleasantness of the family multiverse. Every time she saw Sasry approaching her birthday: the home was filled with sweetness. There was softness in her dealings; so much so that Tdriv and Alieny lavish themselves for the love of their favorite daughter: affections full of tenderness and delicacy as they never knew how to live together except for the regeneration after participating in the 3R Project and for having approved the Juvenile MAP: the 12 months it took them participating in this annual event: it filled them with healthy spiritual fruits. The gifts of the Creator were already knocking on their doors. However, in Sasrys absence:

All air to millennial royal palace collapsed as in a medieval scene in the middle of a holy war.

Several hypotheses were mentioned. However: there is one, unexplored: that of ”those influenced by the masses. ” These influential young people: who are a kind of producer-consumer. That were born at the height of the so-called social networks; ”which are a set of social activities in a multiverse of virtuality. It is a subject not yet theorized, and few scientific sources could be found; many of them based on empirical cases.

While a father turned on a light in the mind of his little one: he wanted to find a way to make him wake up to the call:

While all choose to procreate ”warriors ” for their kingdoms; he prefers to make paper boats.

This divergent initiative to the rest of the Prays community, caused a stir in the paternal hierarchies, so much so that Queen Kei Sky had to be absent once again to consult the oracle, so she must emigrate to the forest of truth, inside the Cerro enchanted on Cebu Island.

oh dad! -She said, Misha-, I wish I could go with mom on that adventure…

Claro: -Bierny continued-: You would be a prince: what would be your mission?

Misha, at her young age, had heard: 365 stories of kingdoms, kings, princes and maidens and knew several of them by heart because his father repeated them to her again.

The stories began on January 1 of each year and ended on December 31. Each story had a beginning: which consisted in deciphering the enigma of habits. So there was Misha, already heard: a thousand stories 3 times and another 95 twice.

That also meant that his ear was trained in a thousand new words, for the challenge of a writer father, he had achieved a good vocabulary.

Therefore Misha could conjugate stories that take a thousand words, like the thousand words that they ask you in the WPC for each chapter of your novel.

I want to make paper boats! -Answered, Misha-: and that they be strong, fast and that they can go up the rivers, so that they take mom on her trip up the mountain.

Oh! -That one, said the Father-: It is not a simple idea, it is already the formulation of a challenge. And I congratulate little Misha:

He added 50 milliliters of green gelatin to his glass of milk.

Then: -He observed, Misha-. You approve my request dad. –Explaining: Well, you have put green jelly: which means pass or approval as in the streets when the traffic light crosses. –Adding, with a wide and generous smile:

I can now undertake the task of making a paper boat!

Thats how the two of them began: father and son, the mission of making a paper boat to help mom on her journey.

Long hours of tests strengthened the warriors character, Bierny said to himself.

And Misha was immersed in a search for the perfection of the role, like someone who wants perfection in a good edge of a sword.

He worked so hard that he had more developed biceps, because he did barbells every day like he saw his father do.

The art of paper craft is like the notion of the engineer, the architect of the builder. It brings future benefits… and that, together with test 95 and 95 new stories were also narrated, which completed its three versions: Adding the 1095 stories. This is how Misha managed to present his paper boat project.

The reason for the things we do, insistently, is to achieve: perseverance, patience, sagacity, temperance, sanity, prudence, mental agility, manual skills: like brandishing a sword: it adds up, using a pencil, a ruler, a square , an eraser, a color, a sheet…

Bierny, he had saved each ship as a result of the work me from misha And he had collected them at night and let them dry and repainted.

By the time Misha wanted to test boat number 95. He was surprised to find that there was a sea full of small islands, with docks and parking lots, and the 94 paper boats were groups of boats, fleets ready to head off into the unknown, to face any enemy on the seas.

But no, he believed it himself, in the same way of understanding things. Misha. He only wanted one. And he explained it in this splendid way:

But dad, how can you think that I will have enough budget to fill the other 94 tanks of fuel. I must prioritize my needs.

Without a doubt, Misha was a little man with very clear, defined and conclusive objectives.

Oh news! Misha, had learned to count and with her barely three years had counted until 95, it was 95 days and like his father, she repeated to him:

-Its the ship: number 1…

-The ship leaves: number 10…

-The 95 boats have been completed. To the final test.

Another demonstration of Mishas skill was coming. And Bierny telling Kei Sky about Mishas achievements, he received this feedback to reinforce the achievement:

How about you challenge him to tell 5 other different stories for himself. -He proposed, Kei Sky, adding-: Instruct him to use the process of crafting a ship.

How are 5 stories repeated 3 times.

You can propose that, of, a different idea of: How to help mom to get to her destination using a paper boat?

You write, 5 ideas summarized in a word, indicating action.

A verb? – Clarified, Bierny


-From there, you hope that, Misha: reuse these 5 ideas and reformulate other options or stories. We will measure its synthesis and analysis of reality, at these levels:

One. Yes Misha, repeat the story you told him. You put a star in his achievement folder and a flag on the ship, of a different color: as if he has visited a different country each time, then you reinforce the ship with a strip of waterproof paper.

Two. If Misha, he adds other words from the thousand that you have used for each story. You put two stars in his achievement folder and a flag on the ship, of a different color: as if he has visited a different country each time, then you reinforce the ship with a strip of waterproof paper.

Three. If Misha, add at least 2 to 5 words of the thousand that you have used for each story. You put three stars on his achievement folder and a flag on the ship, of a different color: as if he has visited a different country each time, then you reinforce the ship with a strip of waterproof paper.

Four. If Misha, add 2 to 5 words from those taught, and a character: man, who is a dad and who helps him save his mom. You put four stars on his achievement folder and a flag on the ship, of a different color: as if he has visited a different country each time, then you reinforce the ship with a strip of waterproof paper.

It is easy for an adult to understand these indications.

And how would you explain to your son? You must have method and adequate patience; telling stories over and over again served this purpose.

You realized that this paternal work began on the first day of Mishas birth. That implied an environment that showed him the idea, and with simulated sounds from the mouth: waves and splashes of water on the rock and docks, seagulls… murmur of birds and people. Y

A dad with a different hat and with a uniform like a sailor costume, with his stripes and stars.

And an artificial sea, with a dock, and taking him and bringing him and waiting for him to pay attention and respond with gestures, and his rhythm of life, with fixed schedules, where the fathers priority is to be by his sons side permanently for at least three years in a row. Without missing one…

And if its these stories for life: Could you be there, for when he tells you the experiences of his own life as a child, adolescent, young person, adult…?

Be the sea. Be the ship. Be the pier. Be the lighthouse, be the river, so that his life comes to fruition.

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